A Conservative Defense of Women's Rights

A Conservative Defense of Women's Rights

Kaeley Triller, National Review - 5 Jan 2017

"Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman. It’s especially hard when everyone around you seems confused about what it even means to be a woman, and when people claim that a biological distinction between the sexes no longer matters in a legal sense.

In 'A Conservative Defense of Transgender Rights,' Josh Gelernter urges liberty-minded conservatives to hop aboard the trans train. Unfettered bathroom access is a matter of personal freedom, he says, dismissing concerns about predators and women’s safety as unfounded. The question we must ask, he concludes, is whether it’s 'a good idea to empower the government to start lifting up people’s skirts.'

A better question would be, 'Is it really a good idea to empower strange men to shower next to young girls at the gym?' States that fail to take preventative measures to protect the safety and privacy of their most vulnerable will inevitably find themselves responding to legislation that removes the very freedom they are trying to preserve — as was the case with the oh-so-controversial HB-2 in North Carolina."

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