Bathroom Bill Repealers Release Hard-Hitting Video

Bathroom Bill Repealers Release Hard-Hitting Video

Matt McDonald, NewBostonPost - 19 March 2018

"An organization stumping for repeal of the so-called Bathroom Bill released a provocative video Monday morning.

The two-minute video from Keep MA Safe shows a little girl using a supermarket bathroom when an adult wearing black men’s shoes comes into the stall next to hers, while the girl’s father waits outside in the hallway.

The 6-year-old in blonde pigtails, wearing a vivid yellow shirt, colorful beaded necklace, and denim skirt, is surprised when the adult drops a bag on the floor and she sees that it’s full of women’s clothing and accessories. She peeks under the stall and sees that the adult is a biological man, which terrifies her."

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