Keep MA Safe Treasurer Assaulted by Man, Files Civil Rights Complaint

Keep MA Safe Treasurer Assaulted by Man, Files Civil Rights Complaint


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Monday, May 22, 2017

WOBURN — On Thursday, May 18, William Gillmeister, Treasurer for Keep MA Safe officially filed a formal civil rights complaint stemming from an assault that occurred at an event for the initiative to repeal the Bathroom and Locker Room law.

While in Newton for a repeal campaign gathering, Gillmeister was assaulted by a man dressed as a woman who spat on him and stole Keep MA Safe signs. According to the incident report taken by the Newton police, the alleged perpetrator provided police with an assumed name and not a legal birth name.

“The party identified themselves as Darcy Rohan but when queried through dispatch came back with negative results,” the report stated. “When asked for an explanation, the party stated that their birth name was David.” Police indicated that Rohan “was irate and stated that the signs were taken because of disagreeing beliefs.”

“Rohan further stated that the signs had been thrown in a dumpster but was unsure of the location,” the report added. “Rohan admitted to spitting on Gillmeister.” Police charged Rohan with assault and battery and theft of property valued at less than $250.

“He was vulgar, violent, and clearly targeted and spit on me because I disagree with him on this issue,” Gillmeister explained. “He admitted to the police it’s OK to spit on and threaten people who object to his radical ideology. Under the Bathroom and Locker Room Law, he can enter intimate spaces with real women, and there’s no recourse for them.” (See Rohan's bragging about the incident on social media in images below).

“This was a clear attempt to intimidate not only Mr. Gillmeister but everyone at the campaign gathering, and to prevent them all from exercising their civil rights. The Attorney general and the district attorney have an obligation to safeguard our citizenry from this type of prejudiced attack and to make a strong statement that crimes of this nature will not be tolerated. I expect they will take swift action and pursue this to the fullest extent of the law,” said Andrew Beckwith, legal counsel to the Keep MA Safe Committee and President of Massachusetts Family Institute.

Keep MA Safe Chairman Chanel Prunier stated: “Our question to the supporters of this law is simple: would you want this man, who claims to be a woman, in the locker room with your daughter? He spit on Bill for displaying signs. What would he do to a teenage girl, legitimately questioning his presence in the locker room at the gym? Or a small child who made a quiet comment in a bathroom? He shouldn’t have a special right to be with them when they’re undressed and vulnerable in a locker room or bathroom- a right their parents don't even legally possess.”

Keep MA Safe is a ballot campaign to repeal the bathroom bill enacted by the legislature last July and signed into law by Governor Baker that allows a person to claim any gender, regardless of anatomy or biology, and use the bathroom or locker room facility based on the claimed gender.