Man charged with photographing woman in TJ Maxx women’s room; Woman had to call 911 herself

Man charged with photographing woman in TJ Maxx women’s room; Woman had to call 911 herself


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Man charged with photographing woman in TJ Maxx women’s room; Woman had to call 911 herself

Thursday, January 05, 2017

WOBURN — According to a report on WCVB, Gabriel Moniz of Attleboro is charged with photographing a woman in a TJ Maxx bathroom stall on Christmas Eve.

"I looked down and saw a man's shoes," the victim, who asked to remain anonymous, told NewsCenter 5. "As I looked up, there was the camera phone; his cellphone was in my stall."

In an interview with WCVB, the victim says she immediately left the bathroom and told an employee. She asked the employee to call police, but the employee responded that the store doesn’t call the police.  So the woman had to call 911 herself.

“By tying the hands of well-meaning employees, and making corporations more concerned with lawsuits than customer safety, the Bathroom and Locker room law encourages this type of behavior. Keep MA Safe wants to repeal the law so Massachusetts can go back to putting women’s safety ahead of political correctness,” said Chanel Prunier, Chairman of the Keep MA Safe ballot committee.

Keep MA Safe is a ballot campaign to repeal the bathroom bill enacted by the legislature last July and signed into law by Governor Baker that allows a person to claim any gender, regardless of anatomy or biology, and use the bathroom or locker room facility based on the claimed gender.

“The employee’s refusal to assist this victim by calling the police may be the result of fear and confusion caused by the new bathroom and locker room law.  If this man were confronted for being in the women’s room and he simply claimed to be a woman, the store employee could face criminal charges for ‘discrimination,’” said Andrew Beckwith, legal counsel to the Keep MA Safe Committee and president of Massachusetts Family Institute.

The bathroom law also makes it a criminal offense to falsely accuse someone of not being the gender claimed.

"The safety of our customers and associates is our top priority," said TJ Maxx officials in a statement cited in the WCVB story. "Our policy directs our associates to contact the police on behalf of customers who report an incident and request we do so. We regret this customer’s experience. We are addressing it directly at the store level and are cooperating fully with the police."

"The fact that security cameras showed the man going into the women’s room 5 minutes after coming into the story and remaining there for a half hour shows that more than just a policy of when to call police is needed,” said Prunier in response to TJ Maxx's statement. “The man should never have been allowed to enter in the first place.”

According to the victim, there were other women she spoke with who may have been photographed in the bathroom.

“Thank God, nothing worse happened,” said Prunier. “We need to stop this now by repealing the bathroom bill before more serious crimes are committed.”


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