Over 160 Parents and Children Gather at the State House to Protest the Bathroom Bill

Over 160 Parents and Children Gather at the State House to Protest the Bathroom Bill


Over 160 Parents and Children Gather at State House to Protest Bathroom Bill

As the MA House prepares to vote on the Bathroom Bill, concerned parents made their voices heard at a press conference at the State House today.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

no bathroom bill press conference

WOBURN — Over 160 concerned parents and children filled the Grand Staircase of the State House this afternoon in protest of the Bathroom Bill, House Bill 4253. Many attended the press conference with their young children. The
families expressed that the privacy and safety of their children would be threatened if this bill were to pass.

One mother from northern Massachusetts, Ashley King, spoke out in opposition to the bill, addressing the threat to her and her children’s privacy and safety rights.

“The most basic human right being violated here is privacy,” King said. “As a mother of four young children, I will not just stand there and let a boy go in the same bathroom that my daughter just went in.”

Justin Dobbs of Boston, who attended with his wife and four children, spoke out about his concern as a father. Twelve-year-old Summer Stubblebine also called for legislators to protect her and her classmates' privacy.

Last week, a national poll reported that a majority of Americans oppose bathroom policies that resemble Massachusetts’ Bathroom Bill and that an even higher majority of parents with school-aged children oppose cross-gender bathroom usage.

MFI has documented numerous examples of bathroom abuse on NoBathroomBill.com in response to claims that no incidents have been recorded.

King was also particularly concerned for parents who could face criminal penalties for preventing biological men from using women’s facilities.

“All you moms out there could be fined or even thrown in jail if you decide to tell a biological man to leave your daughter’s locker room,” she said. “Is that really what you want for your teenage daughter?”

The Bathroom Bill could come up for a vote in the House of Representatives at any time between now and the close of the legislative session at the end of July.