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Dear Fellow Pastor,

On July 8, 2016, Governor Baker signed into law a bill that eliminates the right to privacy and safety in public accommodations including restrooms, locker rooms, showers and changing facilities.  We think that’s bad for Massachusetts, particularly for the millions of women and children who are likely to be most affected by it.  Parents will be prohibited from safeguarding the privacy of their children, as individuals can be fined up to $2500 or imprisoned for up to 1 year if found to be “discriminating” against a transgendered male wanting to use a women’s bathroom.  Even more troubling, church bathrooms are considered “public accommodations” under this “Bathroom Law.” 

(For a recent article on the problems this presented for a MA youth pastor, click here.)

That is why, as concerned citizens, we are exercising our constitutional right to seek a repeal of this dangerous bathroom, locker room and shower law. 

On July 18, a team of dedicated and courageous citizens of the Commonwealth filed a repeal initiative with the Secretary of State’s office. Despite the short 90 day window, pastors across the state pitched in, and we exceeded our goal of 50,000 raw signatures, to collect 33,000 certified.

We absolutely STILL need your help.

This is our ONLY opportunity to stop, once and for all, a bad law that threatens the privacy and safety of women and children. Churches were absolutely crucial to our signature drive, and we need your continued support. We're looking for pastors and communities of faith to help us lead the way in repealing this law. 

Just as collecting signatures in churches is absolutely approved by the IRS, so are advocacy efforts. You and your parishioners can assist us greatly as volunteers both in and out of church. Whether it's distributing literature, holding a sign, campaigning door to door, or fundraising, churches can help us lead the way.

To form a Community Impact Team in your church and be more involved in our efforts, click HERE.

(Click here for the Massachusetts voter registration form).

For more information: 

If you have any questions regarding the legalities of this matter, please refer to the memo from our national legal partners, Alliance Defending Freedom. Also, please feel free to contact MFI or me directly with any questions.

You can learn more by contacting the field director in your area for how and where to get involved. 

Contacts are as follows:

Daniel Grayton: Northeastern MA (Essex, Middlesex) –

Bill Gillmeister: Central MA/Metro West –

Andrew Surprise – Western MA –

Steve Fruzzetti – Southeastern MA –

Robert Aufiero -- Greater Boston --

Again, Keep MA Safe urgently needs your leadership to take a stand on this vital issue. Now is the hour for the Body of Christ in Massachusetts to once again be salt and light in the culture. We know how busy you are so we ask you to please identify one or more key contact people to work with Keep MA Safe in your church.

For our families,

Rev. Kris Mineau
Board Chairman, Massachusetts Family Institute


P.S. I highly recommend the recent article by Rev. George O. Wood, General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God (USA) and chair of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship concerning the criticality of this hour for the Body of Christ. 

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