Target Awakens to Negative Impact of Transgender Bathrooms

Target Awakens to Negative Impact of Transgender Bathrooms


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Target Awakens to Negative Impact of Transgender Bathrooms

After experiencing significant consumer backlash and financial loss from its open-bathroom policy, Target has announced that it will add single-stall bathrooms.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

WOBURN — Target is finally adding single-stall bathrooms as a result of the backlash they received for their open bathroom and changing room policy enacted earlier this year. After announcing this anti-common sense policy, Target’s stocks almost immediately plummeted due to a nationwide boycott, and a slew of reports of “peeping toms.”

Now that Governor Charlie Baker has passed a state-wide Bathroom Law, no locker room, changing facility, bathroom or public shower is safe. Prior to this law, finding a biological male in a woman’s bathroom would be cause for alarm and allow women to request that the male leave their safe space. Now, unfortunately, anyone who tries to prohibit an anatomical male from entering a woman’s space could be fined or even jailed.

“Target is finally admitting just how unpopular their transgender bathroom policy has been, and taking steps to fix it, like a smart company,” Keep MA Safe chairwoman Chanel Prunier said. “The MA Bathroom and Locker room law is even more extreme than the Target policy, with the weight of the state threating jail time and fines for those who simply want their privacy. It’s time to repeal it.”

“When people, especially parents, hear about outrageous policies like these, they are motivated to take action,” explained Andrew Beckwith, serving as general counsel for the repeal initiative.  “The boycott of Target and the repeal initiative here in MA are ways for parents to fight back and protect their children in public spaces.” 

Men and women have separate facilities, because they are anatomically different and deserve privacy. Keep MA Safe believes that women and children especially should be provided safe spaces to use the restroom, change their clothing and shower without fear of “peeping toms,” voyeurs and predators.



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